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Customize Your Perfume Bottle!

Do you want to make your perfume bottle more unique and personal? Whether it’s for yourself or a gift, you can customize your perfume bottle in Kolkata with Niyor.

As a leading perfume brand, Niyor offers a wide range of fragrances for men and women. You can choose from different bottle shapes, sizes, colors, and labels. You can also add your or the receiver’s name, initials, a message to the bottle, and even the face on it.

If you love perfume, you’ll love Niyor!

Imagine having a perfume bottle that reflects your personality and style. Or, gifting a perfume bottle to someone with their face and name on it.

Niyor, the premium perfume brand, lets you customize your perfume bottle in Kolkata. Simply choose from various perfume bottles and a range of fragrance options – personalize the bottle with the receiver’s name and photo – and you’re done!

This is the perfect way to show your love and appreciation to someone you care about. Isn’t it?

Order now and surprise them with a perfume bottle that’s made just for them!

Not just any picture – these are specialised Metal Sheets that we use for printing It is the hottest gift in India at the moment.

This process is very simple.

  • Select from the list of available bottles, according to your choice/budget
  • Send a High Quality photo on our email or (or upload here below)
  • Whatsapp pictures won’t work, sorry! Since whatsapp heavily reduces the image quality, we request you to send it via email or upload here below to ensure the best result
  • Tell us which scent you want or we can decide for you
  • Fill in the shipping details and we will ship the product for you.
  • Please do add a request for special messages
  • Pay the required amount on checkout and sit back and relax!

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