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Niyor For Weddings

A wedding is all about celebrating love and companionship.

But a wedding is incomplete without good fragrance, don’t you agree?

What if we told you that you could blend wedding and perfume in an extraordinary way?

Sounds like a plan, right?

A Perfume Bar for Weddings in Kolkata is the perfect way! Yeah! That’s right.

Niyor For Wedding

Perfume Bar for Weddings in India

A perfume wedding gift is a great way to appreciate the presence of your invites on your special day.

Who doesn’t love gifts? Everybody does! And if it’s a surprise return gift then nothing better than that!

So, do you want your wedding to be unforgettable?

Spice it up with a wedding perfume bar equipped with the best wedding perfumes!

Treat your guests to delightful scents and make your big day extra special. Discover the magic now!

What is Perfume Bar

It’s like having a real perfume counter right at your wedding. Who wouldn’t want to have a fragrance that’s uniquely theirs, right?

It’s like a little memento from your wedding, a perfume wedding gift, that your guests can cherish forever. How cool is that!

Steps To Make Your Own Perfume?

1. Sniff

Perfumes consist of different notes. Sniff through all the available notes according to your interest.

2. Select

Select one note from Top, Middle and Buttom notes, each. We will guide you

3. Ready

We will guide you mixing them.
Then, your unique perfume will be ready for you to use.

1. Sniff

We set up a variety of fragrances at the counter. These fragrances come in three distinctive trays.

These three trays are named as Top, Middle and Base Notes.

Go through these fragrances from the trays and see what you like.

2. Choose

Select one fragrance from each of the trays (Top, Middle & Base Notes)

Use our coffee beans to neutralise the receptors of your nose.

Our perfumist and assistants will help you throughout the process.

3. Mix

Once you’ve selected your fragrances, we will help you out with making your own perfume.

OR, we can also make it for you.

Sit and enjoy the experience of live perfume making.

Last But Not the Least! Labelling & Packaging

Niyor offers a fantastic selection of perfume bottles for you to choose from. And that’s not all! They also have an incredible range of fragrances to pick from.

But wait, it gets even better! Niyor lets you add a personal touch by personalizing the perfume bottle with the receiver’s name and photo.

Can you imagine how thrilled your guests would be to receive such a thoughtful and unique perfume wedding gift?

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